Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究創案ノート>ザンジバルの国家主権獲得をめぐるイスラーム組織ウアムショの活動
<Research Notes>The Islamic Group Uamsho's Activities toward the Pursuance of National Sovereignty for Zanzibar

藤井, 千晶

8pp.183 - 193 , 2015-03-16 , 京都大学大学院アジア・アフリカ地域研究研究科附属イスラーム地域研究センター
This paper investigates the activities of Uamsho, an Islamic group in Zanzibar—a semiautonomous region of Tanzania—to determine why they have won public support in recent years. When Uamsho was registered as an NGO in 2002, their assertions and activities had mainly religious aspects. In 2010, however, when two major parties in Zanzibar, Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and Civic United Front (CUF), formed a ruling coalition, some CUF supporters who were dissatisfied with the coalition joined Uamsho and began lobbying for national sovereignty for Zanzibar. Moreover, Uamsho had a good opportunity to defend their assertion because the amended Constitution of Zanzibar stated that Zanzibar was a country, as did the draft of the Constitution of Tanzania, which is scheduled to be amended in the near future. The draft also proposes adopting a three-tier government system managed by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, and the Government of Tanganyika. In this situation, Uamsho has contributed to rallying public opinion in favor of Zanzibar's sovereignty and has succeeded in establishing the identities of "Zanzibar" as a country and the "Zanzibari" as the people of Zanzibar.

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