Journal Article Controlling Localization and Excretion of Nanoparticles by Click Modification of the Surface Chemical Structures inside Living Cells

Ito, Takeo  ,  Nakamura, Takuma  ,  Kusaka, Eriko  ,  Kurihara, Ryohsuke  ,  Tanabe, Kazuhito

80 ( 5 )  , pp.796 - 799 , 2015-03-17 , wiley
Surface modification of silica nanoparticles (SiNPs) inside living cells was conducted by using the copper-free bioorthogonal click reaction to evaluate the effects of surface chemical structures on dynamic behavior and excretion of SiNPs. The results demonstrated the spatial translocation of intracellular SiNPs to the plasma membrane upon surface modification in situ with phospholipids. Moreover, the extent and kinetics of excretion of the SiNPs from inside the cell were enhanced by modification.

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