Departmental Bulletin Paper 腸管利用膀胱拡大術後49年目に膀胱腺癌を発症した1例
Adenocarcinoma of an Augmented Bladder 49 Years after Enterocystoplasty : A Case Report

木村, 博子  ,  村上, 薫  ,  青山, 輝義  ,  河本, 泉  ,  粟根, 雅章  ,  河合, 潤  ,  橋村, 孝幸

61 ( 4 )  , pp.167 - 171 , 2015-04 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 69-year-old man visited our hospital presenting with bladder tamponade. The patient had undergone bladder augmentation using the ileocecum and the ascending colon for an atrophy bladder due to tuberculosis 49 years previously. Cystoscopy revealed an invasive bladder tumor in the anastomotic region of the bladder and the intestine. He underwent cystourethrectomy and ileal conduit (utilizing the previous ureteroileal anastomosis). A deliberate procedure of urinary tract diversion was required because of the severe postoperative adhesion by the augmentation. The pathological diagnosis showed adenocarcinoma. The tumor spread over the intestinal tract side and the deepest part reached the adventitia of the intestinal tract. The patient is receiving additional therapy of combined modality including chemotherapy.

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