Departmental Bulletin Paper <Articles>The Anti-Communist Third World: Carlos Romulo and the Other Bandung

Claudio, Lisandro E.

4 ( 1 )  , pp.125 - 156 , 2015-04 , Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
This article revisits the Bandung Conference and Third Worldism through an intellectual history of the Filipino diplomat and intellectual Carlos P. Romulo. By examining Romulo’s work during, before, and after Bandung, it argues that Third Worldism must be understood in its original sense—as a negation not only of Western imperialism but also of Soviet Communism. In examining the anti-Communist undercurrent of Bandung, the article hopes to recover a vision of the Third World that opposed various forms of totalitarianism. Although anti-Communism is usually associated with the fascism of McCarthyism, I contend that Romulo’s liberal, Asianist anti-Communism forms a normative vision for a more equitable world order.

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