Journal Article Tremendous Enhancement of Torque Density in HTS Induction/Synchronous Machine for Transportation Equipments

Nakamura, Taketsune  ,  Itoh, Yoshitaka  ,  Yoshikawa, Masaaki  ,  Nishimura, Tatsuo  ,  Ogasa, Takuro  ,  Amemiya, Naoyuki  ,  Ohashi, Yoshimasa  ,  Fukui, Satoshi  ,  Furuse, Mitsuho

We succeeded in tremendous enhancement of torque density as well as power density in High Temperature Superconducting Induction/Synchronous Machine (HTS-ISM) for next generation transportation equipments. First, we fabricated and tested the 20 kW-class prototype as the validation of our design concept (1st generation). And then, the 70% reduction of the motor's volume is challenged with the same power (2nd generation). We successfully realized the tremendous enhancement of the torque density, and further the overload tolerance was also realized at the steady state.

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