Journal Article Yang–Baxter sigma models based on the CYBE

Matsumoto, Takuya  ,  Yoshida, Kentaroh

893pp.287 - 304 , 2015-04 , Elsevier B.V.
It is known that Yang–Baxter sigma models provide a systematic way to study integrable deformations of both principal chiral models and symmetric coset sigma models. In the original proposal and its subsequent development, the deformations have been characterized by classical r-matrices satisfying the modified classical Yang–Baxter equation (mCYBE). In this article, we propose the Yang–Baxter sigma models based on the classical Yang–Baxter equations (CYBE) rather than the mCYBE. This generalization enables us to utilize various kinds of solutions of the CYBE to classify integrable deformations. In particular, it is straightforward to realize partial deformations of the target space without loss of the integrability of the parent theory.

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