Journal Article Production of rare sugars from common sugars in subcritical aqueous ethanol.

Gao, Da-Ming  ,  Kobayashi, Takashi  ,  Adachi, Shuji

175pp.465 - 470 , 2015-05-15 , Elsevier Ltd.
A new isomerization reaction was developed to synthesize rare ketoses. d-Tagatose, d-xylulose, and d-ribulose were obtained in the maximum yields of 24%, 38%, and 40%, respectively, from the corresponding aldoses, d-galactose, d-xylose, and d-ribose, by treating the aldoses with 80% (v/v) subcritical aqueous ethanol at 180°C. The maximum productivity of d-tagatose was ca. 80g/(Lh). Increasing the concentration of ethanol significantly increased the isomerization of d-galactose. Variation in the reaction temperature did not significantly affect the production of d-tagatose from d-galactose. Subcritical aqueous ethanol converted both 2, 3-threo and 2, 3-erythro aldoses to the corresponding C-2 ketoses in high yields. Thus, the treatment of common aldoses in subcritical aqueous ethanol can be regarded as a new method to synthesize the corresponding rare sugars.

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