Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学校理科授業におけるICT活用がいかに生徒の科学的概念理解を助けるか

土佐, 幸子  ,  末永, 誠徳  ,  橋田, 優希  ,  Tosa, Sachiko  ,  Suenaga, Masanori  ,  Hashida, Yuki

The use of technology in science education is known to enhance student learning. However, in Japan, the effectiveness of using sensors and data-loggers was not very much explored. This study examines how the use of temperature sensors and data–loggers enhances student conceptual understanding of super cooling phenomena of water. A science lesson was developed and implemented in a 7^<th> grade class (N=40). Students’ work sheets and reflection sheets were collected as data. The analysis of data shows that the real-time measurement of the water temperature and the automatic graphing capability of the data-logger help students grasp the phenomena on site. The situation helps student undergo a conceptual change. Moreover, more group discussion happened and the level of student interest was high during the lesson. Extensions of the research such as to include a long-term effect of the use of technology were discussed.

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