Departmental Bulletin Paper 学校WLANの電波伝搬を題材としたエネルギー変換学習について

佐藤, 亮一  ,  仁野平, 真美  ,  本間, 洸希  ,  宮崎, 孝祐  ,  鈴木, 賢治  ,  下保, 敏和  ,  平尾, 篤利  ,  Sato, Ryoichi  ,  Ninohira, Manami  ,  Honma, Koki  ,  Miyazaki, Kosuke  ,  Suzuki, Kenji  ,  Kaho, Toshikazu  ,  Hirao, Atsutoshi

In this paper, we propose a learning program for “Energy Conversion” in “Technology and Home Economics (Technology)” at Junior high school. As an important subject, this program features a power flow between radio transmitter and radio receiver in Wireless LAN (WLAN) system, i.e. the conversion from electric power to radio wave, radio wave propagation in the space considered, and the conversion from radio wave to electric power. Students study all of the energy conversions within limited range of time, by using computer simulation tools for electromagnetic wave analyses (ray tracing analysis tool, FD-TD analysis tool, and so forth) for getting beautiful color image of electric field distribution in their school WLAN environment. By reading the image obtained, the students can easily understand whether or not they are in good positions for reception of the radio wave. This learning procedure is based on an application of the computer simulation technologies, so this can also be applicable to a program (algorithm and programing education) for “Information Study by Scientific Approach” in “Information” at High School. In the program, next, to validate the simulation results and detect insensitive zones of their school WLAN, actual electric field distribution (signal strength) in the school is simply measured by using ICT device as tablet PC, in which the FREE app with simplified field strength measurement function is installed. At the end of the program, a collaborative learning practice is carried out for the purpose to discuss a common problem among the students and evaluate it quantitatively. The collaborative group working may also be extended to a subject for “the Period for Integrated Studies”.

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