Departmental Bulletin Paper Outline and history of the Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark in Niigata Prefecture in central Japan, with radiolarian occurrences in Itoigawa

Ito, Tsuyoshi  ,  Ibaraki, Yousuke  ,  Matsuoka, Atsushi

32(Supplement)pp.71 - 90 , 2017-10 , 新潟大学理学部
InterRed XV in Niigata 2017 Niigata University (JAPAN) Oct/22-Oct/27, 2017
The Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark is located in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture in central Japan. This geopark was approved as a Global Geopark in 2009, which is one of the first Global Geoparks in Japan. The Itoigawa–Shizuoka Tectonic Line, which divides the Japanese Islands into Southwest Japan and Northeast Japan in the Cenozoic tectonic framework, lies in the central part of the City of Itoigawa. Various rocks, ranging in age from the Cambrian to Quaternary, and cultural legacies can be observed in the 24 geosites in this geopark. Silurian, Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic radiolarians have been discovered from Itoigawa.

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