Departmental Bulletin Paper 動詞コピー構文の動賓フレーズに関する分析 : 「動+動」構造を中心に
An Analysis of the Verb-Object Phrase in the Verb-Copying Sentence : With a Focus on “V+V” Structure

楊, 麗栄  ,  Yang, Lirong

63pp.173 - 183 , 2016-12 , 新潟大学大学院現代社会文化研究科
This paper examines the Verb-copying sentence of the “V+V” structure, within which verbs can be classified as separable verbs an non-separable verbs. Through the analysis, we concluded the following: 1) PB type verbs, expressive passive verbs used in the first position, and binding verbs representing full meanings can be used; 2) because AR type verbs already express resultative meanings, they cannot be used; 3) A≈B type verbs may be used if the verb (A) can replace the second verb (B); 4) for the A+B type verbs, the verbs cannot be used because the first and the second verb express different meanings.

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