Departmental Bulletin Paper 定住外国人学習者の持っている文法規則 : 日本人と結婚した中国人女性の場合
The Actual Language Proficiency of Foreign Resident Learners : A Case of a Chinese Woman who Married a Japanese Man and Lives in Japan

王, 瑜青  ,  Wang, Yuqing

63pp.161 - 171 , 2016-12 , 新潟大学大学院現代社会文化研究科
This paper focuses on the actual language proficiency of Japanese language learners who married a Japanese man and live in Japan. Such foreign residents do not seem to have serious problems in the conversation in daily life, but tend to have difficulty in dealing with complicated contexts and correcting their grammar. This paper analyzes the corpus data of a Chinese woman who married a Japanese man and lives in Japan. She tends to use “-te form” for connecting clauses when she does not clearly understand the connection between them, replacing the past form -ta and the conditional form -tara. In addition, she frequently inserts the genitive particle -no to modify a noun, regardless the parts of speech of the preceding element. This paper concludes that it is important for such Japanese language learners to make relearning with a suitable method, especially on grammatical items with similar meanings and forms.

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