Departmental Bulletin Paper 多主体協働による地域ブランド構築の研究 : 妙高市地域サポート人材を事例に
A Study of Place Brand Building by the Collaboration: In the Case Study Research of the Community : Reactivating of Multiple Actors Cooperator Squad of Myoko City

山崎, 義広  ,  Yamasaki, Yoshihiro

63pp.37 - 53 , 2016-12 , 新潟大学大学院現代社会文化研究科
In the place branding study, it has been pointed out that the importance of various actors who play active roles in their region. However, the knowledge of how to collaborate in the region, where lacking in local resources, is insufficient among actors. It will be essential for researchers to clarify the process of creating region’s value in actors’ collaborating efforts. This study, therefore, focused on the actors from outside of the region and analyzed the case of the Community Reactivating Cooperator Squad of Myoko City in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture. As a result, the study revealed the driving factors in the process of creating a place brand by collaboration of multiple actors which consist mainly by outsiders

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