Departmental Bulletin Paper 山村における民際交流を通じたMURAづくり : 南魚沼市栃窪地区を事例として
MURAzukuri through Cross-Cultural People to People Activity in a MountainousVillage : The Case of Tochikubo, Minamiuonuma City

田村, 優  ,  Tamura, Yu

63pp.19 - 36 , 2016-12 , 新潟大学大学院現代社会文化研究科
Today, various murazukuri, movement to improve the living in villages are being orientated all over country. The study area of this paper, Tochikubo is doing the same; however, a little differently from well-seen murazukuri. It is more appropriate to call the action in Tochikubo MURAzukuri in English than murazukuri in hiragana because of their minsai exchange (cross-cultural people to people) activity. A lot of outsiders including foreigners visit Tochikubo every year and local residents seem to be enjoying the activity.This case study considers the following: how ‘mura’ in hiragana is changing, how MURA in English is being constructed and how ‘mura’ and MURA are interacting with each other, and shows that ‘mura’ is not turning to MURA but coexisting together in Tochikubo. That is to say, on the one side, long-standing customs and norms are maintained and on the other side, global thoughts and interests towards foreign countries are spreading among local residents. The coexistence sometimes brings struggles but in the case of Tochikubo, ‘Mediators’ are working out the differences between ‘mura’ and MURA.

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