Departmental Bulletin Paper 乳がんの化学療法で生じる脱毛への看護支援の動向に関する文献検討
Systematic review of nursing support for hair loss caused by breast cancer chemotherapy

室橋, あゆみ  ,  内山, 美枝子  ,  Murohashi, Ayumi  ,  Uchiyama, Mieko

13 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 9 , 2016-09 , 新潟大学医学部保健学科
 乳がんの化学療法で生じる脱毛に着目し,脱毛に対する看護支援について,国内外の文献から明らかにすることを目的とした。 文献検索の結果,医学中央雑誌では51件が該当し,その中から11件を対象とした。MEDLINEでは,57件が該当し,その中の17件を対象とした。文献は,「がん看護コアカリキュラム」の脱毛時の看護支援を参考に,「心理的支援」,「身体的支援」,「開発支援」の項目に分けて報告内容を分類した。 「心理的支援」では,患者への情報提供(脱毛の機序・時期・再発毛)やボディイメージの変容に関する援助の報告がみられた。「身体的支援」では,整容,皮膚,頭髪以外の脱毛に関する援助と脱毛時の対処に関する援助の報告がみられた。「開発支援」では,脱毛の軽減や脱毛予防の検証報告が散見されたが,有効性を確証する報告はなかった。これらから,乳がんの化学療法で生じる脱毛の看護支援は,国内外とも未だ対症的な支援にとどまっており,脱毛時期に応じた系統的な看護支援まで行き着いていない実情が示唆された。
 Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapies used in the treatment of breast cancer. Hair loss affects the Quality of life (QOL) of women with breast cancer. In this study, we reviewed the literatures on hair loss that occurs during breast cancer therapy and intended to clarify the current status of nursing support for patient hair. The 27 out of 51 relevant papers returned from the website of Igaku Chuo Zasshi, and MEDLINE, were enrolled into the present study. The literature was categorized into “psychological support,”“physical support,”“psychological support for hair loss”, and “development support.” For “psychological support,” there were reports on the provision of information to patients on the mechanism and period of hair loss and the period of hair regrowth, as well as reports on changes in body image. For “physical support,” there were reports on concrete assistance other than cosmetic cleaning, skin, hair, and on handling of hair loss. For “development support,” there were no citations for a treatment clearly effective in preventing hair loss. These data suggest that the present support for hair loss from  chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer is still aimed at relieving the symptom and has not led to systematic support for patients suffering from this treatment side effect.

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