Departmental Bulletin Paper Early Carboniferous (Visean) brachiopods from the Taishaku Limestone in the Wada area, Hiroshima Prefecture, southwest Japan

Ibaraki, Yousuke  ,  Nishikawa, Isao  ,  Tazawa, Jun-ichi

31pp.91 - 98 , 2016-03 , 新潟大学理学部
An Early Carboniferous brachiopod fauna consisting of three species, Dictyoclostus sp. (Productidina), Finospirifer sp. (Spiriferidina) and Syringothyris sp. (Spiriferinidina), is described from a tuffaceous limestone in the upper part of the Dangyokei ormation (the lowest formation of the Taishaku Limestone) in the Wada area, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinsekigun, Hiroshima Prefecture, southwest Japan. The Wada fauna is assigned a (probably late) Visean age. This is the first report of Early Carboniferous brachiopods from the Taishaku Limestone.

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