Departmental Bulletin Paper Nestoria sikeshuensis (spinicaudatan), a new clam shrimp species from the Tugulu Group in Junggar Basin, northwestern China

Teng, Xiao  ,  Xiao, Ji’nan  ,  Zhang, Yanzhen  ,  Matsuoka, Atsushi  ,  Li, Gang

31pp.75 - 81 , 2016-03 , 新潟大学理学部
A new species, Nestoria sikeshuensis Teng and Li sp. nov., is described from the core of the bore hole Ai2 in the Junggar Basin, northwestern China. These specimens were collected from the Lower Cretaceous Tugulu Group. In Xinjiang, only three species and two undeterminated species of Nestoria have been reported in the literature before.

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