Departmental Bulletin Paper Early Carboniferous (Visean) brachiopods from the Hina Limestone, Okayama Prefecture, SW Japan, and their palaeobiogeographical implications

Tazawa, Jun-ichi  ,  Ibaraki, Yousuke  ,  Nishikawa, Isao

31pp.45 - 68 , 2016-03 , 新潟大学理学部
A brachiopod fauna consisting of 9 species in 8 genera is described from the lower part (Endothyra Zone) of the Hina Limestone, Okayama Prefecture, southwestern Japan. The Hina fauna includes the following species: Leptagonia analoga, Dictyoclostus pinguis, Marginatia burlingtonensis, Marginatia cf. magna, Schizophoria resupinata, Cleiothyridina sp., Spirifer cf. liangchowensis, Grandispirifer sp. and Syringothyris cf. cuspidatus. The Hina fauna has some affinities with the Early Carboniferous (Visean) brachiopod faunas of South Kitakami, Xinjiang, Kirgiz, Kazakhstan, Kuznetsk Basin, Urals and England. The palaeobiogeographical data suggest that the Akiyoshi-type reef‒seamount complexes, including the Hina Limestone, were probably located at mid-atitudes of the Northern

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