Departmental Bulletin Paper Middle Permian (Wordian) mixed Boreal‒Tethyan brachiopod fauna from Kamiyasse‒Imo, South Kitakami Belt, Japan

Tazawa, Jun-ichi

31pp.7 - 43 , 2016-03 , 新潟大学理学部
A middle Permian (Wordian) brachiopod fauna, consisting of 10 species in 10 genera, is described from the lower part of the Kamiyasse Formation in the Kamiyasse‒Imo area, South Kitakami Belt, northeastern Japan. The Kamiyasse‒Imo fauna is a mixed Boreal‒Tethyan brachiopod fauna, and has some affinities with the middle Permian brachiopod faunas of central Japan (Hida Gaien Belt), eastern Russia (South Primorye), northeastern China (Jilin and Heilongjiang), northern China (Inner Mongolia) and northwestern China (Qinghai). Palaeobiogeographical data for the Kamiyasse‒Imo fauna suggest that during the Wordian South Kitakami was probably located at mid-latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, immediately east of North China (Sino-Korea).

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