Departmental Bulletin Paper 個人情報保護法・番号法の平成27年改正の意義と課題
The Analysis on the 2015 Revision of the Personal Information Protection Act and ‘My Number’Act, and Some of Its Problems

長谷川, 幸一  ,  Hasegawa, Koichi

62pp.19 - 37 , 2016-03 , 新潟大学大学院現代社会文化研究科
This paper mainly discusses the 2015 revision of the Personal Information Protection Act (Act No.57 of 2003) and the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure Act (Act No.27 of 2013 – ‘My Number’ Act). Due to the revision, business operators handling personal information, new articles on (i)classification of personal information (‘identifier’, ‘sensitive data’, ‘anonymized data’, etc.), and (ii)supervision over business operator handling personal information by ‘Personal Data Commissioner’ is added. In future, the revision will affect the handling of personal information in the administrative procedures of The State organs, Incorporated administrative agencies, etc., and Local governments. And due to the revision, the range of the use of ‘The Individual Number’ and the provision of ‘Specific Personal Information’ is expanded. In this paper, I inspect the revised articles, point out its problems, and discuss the system of privacy laws that could be applicable to Japan.

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