Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国浙江省舟山の解放前の布袋木偶戯 : 定海木偶芸人侯恵義の話から見る
Traditional Puppet Plays before Liberation in the Zhoushan islands of Zhejiang Province in China : An Interview of the Puppet Player Hou Huiyi in Dinghai

毛, 久燕  ,  Mao, Jiuyan

61pp.19 - 29 , 2015-12 , 新潟大学大学院現代社会文化研究科
This paper is a study of an interview with Hou Huiyi (1927-2014), who was successful and professional puppet player before the liberation of the Zhoushan islands of Zhejiang Province in China. I discuss in detail, the procedure of how Hou became a genuine student, and subsequently became an independent player by making great effort in the puppet play field. The experience of Hou’s continuous plays also demonstrates his skill as a puppet master, and this will also be considered. Moreover, by an investigation of his method, I will elucidate the Zhoushan Puppet Play Process, which originated from Biandanxi (扁担戯), and which today is performed by a puppeteer and two or three music players on a collapsible stage.

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