Departmental Bulletin Paper Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) : Categorizing into Dimensions of Interest in Scholarly Literature

Ogushi, Yoko  ,  Schulz, Michael

100pp.97 - 115 , 2016-03 , 新潟大学経済学会
Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is discussed in the practitioner community for about ten years. Nowadays, it is regarded as one of the most important trends in Business Intelligence. In this article, it is examined how the concept of SSBI has been considered in scholarly literature until now. With the help of a systematic literature search, it was possible to identify 19 articles in total that are focused on this topic and have been published until the end of 2014. On this base, we investigate which aspects constitute the SSBI approach. For this, the articles were analyzed conducting a frequency analysis. The identified terms of interest can be divided into five dimensions: Technology, data, presentation, social feature, and overall requirements. In addition, we show how to express in simply on which dimensions are mainly discussed in each article.

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