Departmental Bulletin Paper 竹炭および竹活性炭による農薬Simazine の吸着と脱着
Adsorption and desorption of simazine from bamboo char and its activated carbon

小島, 康夫  ,  加藤, 喜明  ,  福光, 里美  ,  大原, 功輝  ,  清水, 亮  ,  Kojima, Yasuo  ,  Kato, Yoshiaki  ,  Fukumitsu, Satomi  ,  Ohara, Kouki  ,  Shimizu, Ryo

68pp.31 - 35 , 2016-02 , 新潟大学農学部
水質汚濁性農薬の1種であるsimazine は残留農薬として問題になるケースが多く、分解菌のスクリーニングや選択的な吸着剤の開発が急がれている。この論文では孟宗竹から竹炭、竹活性炭を調製するとともに市販の活性炭を比較試料として用いて、simazine の吸着脱着試験を試みた。竹炭では吸着速度や吸着量にやや難点が認められたが、活性炭では吸着速度が大きく、吸着量も大きかった。一方、脱着試験では、竹炭は吸着したsimazine の50%が2週間の脱着試験で溶脱し、吸着・固定化への安定性が不足していることが示された。活性炭では吸着したsimazine のほとんどが脱着試験でも溶脱されずに、高い吸着・固定化が起きていることが示された。以上の結果から、残留農薬などによる環境汚染の修復において長期間の効果を期待できるのは活性炭であり、賦活していない炭では長期間の固定化は期待できないことが明らかになった。
In recent years, pollution of crops, soil, and water with recalcitrant agricultural chemicals has become an environmental issue that needs to be resolved. Simazine (6-chloro-N2, N4-diethyl-1, 3, 5-triazine-2, 4-diamine) is a chlorinated s-triazine herbicide that is widely used in agriculture for the control of various weeds. As a result of drifts or runoffs, simazine has been detected as a relatively persistent pollutant, which can become an endocrine disrupter and a carcinogen, in soil and water in areas adjacent to farmlands. Therefore, bioremediation is considered to be a highly promising technology for the removal of environmental pollutants. In the present study, char and activated char were prepared from moso-bamboo and were examined about the property of both absorption and desorption of simazine. For comparison, commercial activated carbon was purchased. In the case of simazine absorption, bamboo char absorbed smaller amount than its activated carbon. Two activated carbons, prepared and purchased, indicated same absorbing capacity in higher rate and larger amount. Desorption test was performed using absorbed chars. Approximately 50% of simazine absorbed in the bamboo char are released during desorption test for two weeks. Almost of simazine absorbed in the both activated carbons were not desorbed and fixed in the activated carbon.

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