Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域看護学実習における健康教育の学習評価と教育方法の検討 : 学生の自己評価からの分析
A study of learning evaluation and effective educational methods about health education on public health nursing practice: Analysis from student self-evaluation

成田, 太一  ,  小林, 恵子  ,  齋藤, 智子  ,  Narita, Taichi  ,  Kobayashi, Keiko  ,  Saito, Tomoko

12 ( 1 )  , pp.105 - 113 , 2015-09 , 新潟大学医学部保健学科
The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation status and learning outcomes of health education that has been conducted on public health nursing practice in 4th grade and to review improve way of practice. The subjects of this study were 87 students who take the public health nursing practice in 2014. We conduct self-administered questionnaire at the end of practice. That was consisted from implementation status and self-assessment of health education. As results, most educational goals are valued as “very good” and “good” from more than 80% students. Evaluation of “the roles of public health nurses on health education” were especially higher. That can be said that students have chance to learn a public health nurse’s activities through independent experience as implementation of health education. On the other hand, clearing local health problems was not easy during limited period. So, we need to figure out the way of practice to make students can implement health education while associated with local health problems.

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