Departmental Bulletin Paper 思春期の子どもの変化における「子どもの行動理解」という母親の経験
Experience of the mother Understanding of child’s behavior in an adolescent child changes

河内, 浩美  ,  佐山, 光子  ,  Kawauchi, Hiromi  ,  Sayama, Mitsuko

12 ( 1 )  , pp.97 - 103 , 2015-09 , 新潟大学医学部保健学科
Objective: To describe the process of the experiences of mothers in regard to changes in children during adolescence. Subjects: Mothers of adolescents. Methods: A qualitative, descriptive study using the grounded theory approach. Results: The following categories were identified for the process of experiences of mothers: the core category of “understanding of the child’s behavior”and the following subcategories:“concern regarding the child’s rebelliousness”,“implementation of views on childrearing”,“interactions with the child”,“realization of views on childrearing”,“efforts to get to know the child”,“understanding through putting oneself in the child’s shoes”, “mistaken understanding of the child”,“allowing the child to become independent”,“reducing restraints”, “believing”,“sensing behavioral changes in the child”, and“steps for building relationship toward adaptation of the child”. A categorical relationship diagram was established based on these categories.“Understanding of the child’s behavior”was induced by“concern regarding the child’s rebelliousness”, and the changes in the parent-child relationship resulting from conflict between the mother and child led to “steps for building relationship toward adaptation of the child”through“understanding of the child’s behavior”based on changes in approach according to the child’s development.

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