Departmental Bulletin Paper 農村地域で暮らす統合失調症患者への支援の検討 : 地域生活継続の促進要因と阻害要因の視点から
Examination of the support to a schizophrenia patient living in farm village area : From the viewpoint of a promotion factor and the disincentive of the local life continuation

関井, 愛紀子  ,  飯田, 亘  ,  五十嵐, 正徳  ,  川野, 雅資  ,  Sekii, Akiko  ,  Iida, Wataru  ,  Ikarashi, Masanori  ,  Kawano, Masashi

12 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 9 , 2015-09 , 新潟大学医学部保健学科
This study analyzed a promotion factor and a disincentive of the local life continuation for patients with schizophrenia to live in farm village area, and it was intended to determine support a mental patient continued it in a farm village area, and to live a life. The subject is four patients with schizophrenia of men. As for the promotion factor of the local life continuation, as for 7 categories of [a good family relationship], disincentive, 4 categories of [the non-feeling of satisfaction by not working] [anxiety to treatment continuation] were extracted [eyes of the world becoming the mind] [a future problem for the work] [support born from the local climate] [hope to the future] [an invalidity pension supports it] [it becomes stable in presence of the faith] [the healing that we realized of illness] [thought to the working that we noticed a fret, and changed]. The construction of the relationship that can be relieved that it is not made presence and the disease of the supporter whom we worked as led by a family a topic is essential so that a mental patient lives a stable life. It is necessary to plan participation in family society to knowledge of the psychic disturbance and an open lecture for the purpose of the understanding of the mental patient, a family to local inhabitants. We inhibited the area life continuation that there were prohibition of the job hunting from the family who minded the response of local inhabitants, a limit of the work, and a mental patient hoped for. The family recognizes that it is a subject of the support, and what we are associated with posture to hear the feeling of the family is important. In the farm village area, a village function is shown having a mutual aid function. We make tissue supporting a mental patient and, based on this local characteristic, can open it. It is with the support to the mental patient whom it lives for in a farm village area we arrest a family led by the parental generation as a subject of the support, and to associate with a mental patient.

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