Departmental Bulletin Paper ライティングにおける英語学習者の文法ミスと教師によるフィードバックに関する研究
A Study on Grammatical Mistakes and Feedback in English Writing

日下, JA  ,  Kusaka, JA

3pp.17 - 25 , 2015-12 , 新潟大学教育・学生支援機構
This study attempts to suggest a way of giving feedback to Japanese university learners of English to reduce grammatical mistakes in their writings. It addresses the importance of the instruction in which feedback on content and logic and that on grammar are separately given to the learners. This feedback style aims to raise the learners’ awareness of grammar in writing. This study also examines the learners’ reception of feedback from their instructor. The results show that this feedback style is particularly effective for reducing mistakes concerning two kinds of grammar: usage of the words familiar to the learners and the grammar that they learned in high school to which, unlike more basic grammar whose mistakes are often due to carelessness, as a result of this instruction, they have learned to pay more attention than before.

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