Departmental Bulletin Paper ICT活用教育のための「学べる」情報ネットワーク演習環境の改善

佐藤, 亮一  ,  畠山, 森魚  ,  佐藤, 雄二  ,  早川, 潤  ,  平賀, 保博  ,  高橋, 洋子  ,  下保, 敏和  ,  平尾, 篤利  ,  鈴木, 賢治  ,  Sato, Ryoichi  ,  Hatakeyama, Morio  ,  Sato, Yuji  ,  Hayakawa, Jun  ,  Hiraga, Yasuhiro  ,  Takahashi, Yoko  ,  Kaho, Toshikazu  ,  Hirao, Atsutoshi  ,  Suzuki, Kenji

In this paper, we introduce our new improved information network practice environment for “ICT utilization in education” in Niigata University. The practice environment is open for all the students who want to be teachers in Niigata University. It provides them with stable broadband internet access via very high-speed gigabit wired LAN system with independent network nodes and user authentication function, and secure network area to safely carry out the security measure to their computers and related ICT devices without risk of computer virus infection. It was re-constructed in two ordinary lecture rooms (204 and 105 lecture rooms in the building of our faculty). The rooms are equipped with large number of information receptacles connecting to the Internet and power receptacles connecting to AC 100V electric source, so more than 200 students can simultaneously do the fundamental information network practice or information security practice. Also, in addition to the fundamental practices, they can do additional applied exercise for ICT utilization in education appropriate for each curriculum in teacher-training courses for elementary, junior high, and high schools.

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