Departmental Bulletin Paper 新潟県海岸地域におけるアリ相 : 環境教育教材としてのアリ類の利用

山口, 勇気  ,  土田, 大輔  ,  工藤, 起来  ,  Yamaguchi, Yuki  ,  Tsuchida, Daisuke  ,  Kudo, Kazuyuki

Ant fauna was resurveyed at campus of Ikarashi in Niigata University.Collections were carried out every week from April to November in 2014 at eight sites of the campus, using three different collection methods (hand collection, pitfall traps and honey bait traps). A total of 18 species belonging to four subfamilies (Formicinae, Dolichoderinae, Myrmicinae and Ponerinae) and 15 genera were collected. The eight sites were divided into three groups by the similarity of the ant species composition. Division into the three groups may be due to vegetation, food preferences of ants and soil characteristics. Ants are among the most suitable groups of animals for community characterization, since they are diverse, very abundant and occur virtually in all ecosystems. Our results showed a further evidence that ants are reliable ecological indicators for evaluating environmental conditions. We propose that monitoring ant fauna is a good tool to apply environmental education.

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