Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の犬小屋はなぜ三角屋根なのか
Why Dog House in Japan Has Triangular Roof?

澤村, 明  ,  Sawamura, Akira

99pp.91 - 99 , 2015-09 , 新潟大学経済学会
In Japan, most dog houses have trianglar roof, e.g. gable-roofs and entrance in the gable end. This phenomenon has no necessity, it needs only box-type, or shed-roof against the rain. But there are no thesis to research the reason why. The first ‘dog house’ in the history of Japan was appeared in 1696, when Shogun Tsunayoshi ordered to build the dog houses as the shelter for dogs, as a part of policies of the Shorui-Awaremi-no-rei (ordinances of animal protection). But its shape and size was 18m long and 3.6m wide, and there were 290 houses for dogs and sheds for feeding. This was not the prototype of contemporary dog house argued in this thesis. In Edo period(eraly modern era in Japan), Japanese people keep Chin (Japanese spaniels)within doors, and others were stray dogs. So, there were no dog houses in Japan before the modern generation begun in 1867 as Meiji period. Japan ended its national isolation at the end of the Edo period, then many western styles were carried in Japan. One of them is the western way to keep dogs was also delivered to Japan. The Painters drew many pictures of Western things becaouse they were very fresh and novel for Japanese. Although some historians have been reported that the dog houses were portrayed in some of those pictures, they hae never referred that shape. Fig. 1 is the first picture of the dog house in Japan. This was in the Dutch residence in Yokohama, and pictured in 1862. Fig .2 is the discription of dog house in other storehouse owned by Japanese in Yokohama, we can see the pentagon-like dog house in the text of wood-blocked printing. Fig. 3 is in the other pages of same book as fig. 2. The conclusion of this thesis is slightly as a hypothesis, but the dog house with gable-roof and entrance in the gable end was carried in Meiji period from western world. Then, in western world, how the dog house was made up with this shape? It would be a farther subject, but I found a few historicalpaterials in United States, fig. 4 is the political caricature in around 1864 in the Library of Congress, and fig. 5 is the dog house for Dash, the pet of President Harrison. The dog house in Japan deems to have a common ancester with that in the famous comic of Snoopy.

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