Journal Article トヨタ生産システムの進化 : 原価・能率管理の観点から(遺稿)
Genealogy of Toyota Production System Evolution : Focusing cost & productivity management

清水, 耕一

50 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 31 , 2018-07-02 , 岡山大学経済学会
TPS( Toyota Production System) is the well-known system which is one of the strong points in Toyota. Nowadays lots of books are published about TPS as thesis and know-how books. It is said in Toyota internal, TPS is the management system and know-how of Kaizen for cost reduction activities based on two pillars such as Autonomy(Jidoka) and“ Just in time”. However I think it is not enough paying attention about on a management system, than the know-how of Kaizen by the ₃rd party. In this paper, focusing particularly on the management system such as wages linked on productivity measurements which Mr. Taichi Ohno, the founder of TPS, developed as well. Also focusing on the evolution, how does this system pursue the circumstance change including Toyota employee interview. Utilizing this wage linked productivity measurement system Mr. Ohno stimulated his coworkers to get good results applying TPS know-how. It is very complicated but well considered system.

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