Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼稚園教育におけるティーム保育の多様な形態と教育効果

馬場, 訓子  ,  井山, 房子  ,  古埜, 弘子  ,  白神, 繁子  ,  平松, 由美子  ,  守屋, 操  ,  片山, 美香

8pp.83 - 96 , 2018-03-20 , 岡山大学教師教育開発センター
The purpose of this study is to classify various styles of team childcare practicing in preschools. We adopted a questionnaire method to preschool teachers in a prefecture to research it empirically. The classification of team childcare styles was discussed based on the results of our questionnaire by co-researchers who has enough experiences of childcare, and we could examine educational effect, characteristics, and some problems of each team childcare style. As a result, it is clear that all teachers in the same preschool become members of team, and they are strongly conscious of “all teachers for all children.” Based on the premise mentioned, three categories of team childcare styles are found; 1) A team childcare style to focus on teachers’ arrangement, 2) A team childcare style to put emphasis on contents of childcare and life, and 3) A team childcare style after a childcare time on child understanding, childcare and so on.

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