Departmental Bulletin Paper 生徒の自己受容を促す幼児との触れ合い体験に係る中学校 家庭科の授業開発

考藤, 悦子  ,  片山, 美香  ,  髙橋, 敏之  ,  西山, 修

8pp.15 - 29 , 2018-03-20 , 岡山大学教師教育開発センター
The significance of junior high school students’ experience of contact with infants has been shown in previous studies, but there has not been enough empirical research on which part of the experience produces effects. Therefore, in this paper, we form a hypothesis that “experience of acceptance others encourages self-acceptance” and examine the possibility that the experience of acceptance from others we gain through contact encourages self-acceptance. Infants are expected to be involved in contact experiences with no preconceptions or conditions. The experience of acceptance by infants is a rare experience that differs from daily interpersonal relationships for students. It may be possible to rationally develop meaningful classes by intentionally reinforcing it. Furthermore, long-term effects that translate into future child-rearing can be expected. In this paper, based on the aforementioned hypothesis, we focused on the self-acceptance of students to develop and report on home economics classes that encourage it.

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