Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児教育における情報機器活用への保育者志望学生の認知
The Recognition of The Childminder Choice Student about The Information Appliance Utilization in The Preschool Education

片山, 美香  ,  岡崎, 順子  ,  西山, 修  ,  横松, 友義  ,  梶谷, 信之  ,  髙橋, 敏之

166pp.21 - 30 , 2017-11-28 , 岡山大学大学院教育学研究科
In this study, we clarified how a childminder choice student understood the use of the information appliance for preschool education. Specifically, we performed a cluster analysis based on student responses that we obtained by Silent Dialogue, and analyzed the answers both quantitatively and qualitatively. Based on the results, we considered methods for increasing effectiveness of future practice. In addition, for training subjects such as“preschool education methods,” we piloted some concrete practices to consider the best approaches for teaching. Finally, the results of this study are discussed and future problems are described.

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