Departmental Bulletin Paper 冬の気候と季節感の違いに注目した大学での学際的授業の開発 : ドイツと日本列島付近とを比較して

加藤, 内藏進  ,  加藤, 晴子  ,  大谷, 和男  ,  濱木, 達也  ,  垪和, 優一

7pp.157 - 166 , 2017-03-27 , 岡山大学教師教育開発センター
 An interdisciplinary class for university students on the climate in winter around Germany and the traditional event “Fasnacht” for driving winter away was developed, with attention to the variety of seasonal cycles from region to region in middle latitudes. According to the climatological analyses, the “severe winter feeling” around Germany seems to be associated greatly with the intermittent appearance of the extremely cold days as the very large day-to-day variations rather than with the mean lower temperature. In this joint activity, students firstly tried to understand or imagine why the people there can’t help driving the winter away, based on the climate data. After such consideration, each student composed a music work which expresses such “seasonal feeling” about the “Fasnacht” with use of the various small percussion instruments. The students seemed to have an opportunity for realizing the climate in foreign regions and the “seasonal feeling” there, through the composition and performance of the music works in such processes.

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