Departmental Bulletin Paper 現代の社会教育における「いのちのつながり」に関する 道徳性への追求 : 今日のいのちの道徳教育を考える

作田, 澄泰  ,  長谷, 博文  ,  中山, 芳一

7pp.1 - 10 , 2017-03-27 , 岡山大学教師教育開発センター
 The state of the moral education was also changed big in a postwar school education in Japan with operation of the Constitution of Japan and democratization. But there is no end to self-death of the students a parent-child relationship and the human relations make the cause and the miscellaneous problems which refuse to go to school and spite and are misconduct. The state of the moral education of today's social in general who has that in a background of postwar increase of miscellaneous problems was considered in a point to settle these. Rarefication to "An ancestor was respected." became clear from a questionnaire survey result in "morality" by a college student as a big factor of miscellaneous problems. Specifically, I found out that a decline of morality about the connection with the person such as an ancestor is an important problem. I received such problem, used an interview about a case about a parent-child relationship and traditional culture from a pioneer as a capital and considered about the connection of the life in the parent-child relationship, the family relation and the society as well as suggested it about the state of "true morality" and necessity in society in detail and a school education.

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