Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の朝食欠食習慣の統計解析と改善への新指針

田村, 隆  ,  揖斐, 隆之  ,  稲垣, 賢二  ,  久保, 康隆  ,  奥田, 潔

105pp.1 - 5 , 2016-02-01 , 岡山大学農学部
This study investigated the current status and causes underneath the life of university students who tend to lack breakfast at a relatively high frequency, and statistical analysis on consequences leading to such lack of well-nourished eating habitat in their university life. In October 2014, self-assessed questionnaires were administered to over 150 faculty students. It contained questions about breakfast habits, time allowance for the morning class, and lunchtime setting in their high school timetable. Breakfast states were clearly separated in three groups : 68% of students regularly have breakfast throughout the weekdays, 21% students skipping the breakfast occasionally, and 11% student no habit for breakfast at all. The survey on the high school lives revealed that 70% students used to have lunch 30 min later than the lunchtime set in the university timetable, 7% of them had the lunch time even more than 1 h later. Lunchtime varies among high schools, and statistical significance was revealed (p<0.01) that schools with higher deviation scores tend have late lunch beyond 12: 30. Accordingly, university students were given directions to prepare for the timetable reform on postulation of having lunch time over one o’clock. After continuous survey on the breakfast habits during the second semester, more than 90% of students established the habit of breakfast regularly in their university lives with the improved consciousness toward well-balanced healthy breakfast contents for their higher level of education quality.

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