Journal Article Adsorption and removal of strontium in aqueous solution by synthetic hydroxyapatite

Nishiyama, Yuichi  ,  Hanafusa, Tadashi  ,  Yamashita, Jun  ,  Yamamoto, Yoko  ,  Ono, Toshiro

2015-06-20 , Springer Netherlands
Hydroxyapatite (HAP) is a main mineral constituent of bone and tooth and has an outstanding biocompatibility. HAP is a possible sorbent for heavy metals in wastewater due to its high adsorption capacity and low water solubility. We developed a removal system of 90Sr from aqueous solution by HAP column procedure. More than 90 % of 90Sr was adsorbed and removed from the 90Sr containing solution. Divalent cations, Ca2+, had little effect on the removal of 90Sr up to a concentration of 1 mmol L−1. This clearly indicates that the HAP column technique is advantageous with respect to the capacity to adsorb 90Sr from water present in the environment.

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