Journal Article ゼブラフィシュは知覚学習以前に反時計回りに左から右へ (L→R)泳ぎ、円形を避け倒立三角形に近づく

三谷, 惠一

31pp.11 - 32 , 2015-04 , 岡山実験動物研究会
The following results were obtained thorough induction and deduction by four experiments onthe early experience controlled zebrafish 4 males and 4 females using 30-30-40 millisecondsbehavior analysis system.[1] It was found zebrafish perform two kind of movement. The first is high speed anticlockwise(L→R) spiral circular swimming usig right hemisphere⇔left -visual field. The second is relativelyslowly clock (L←R) willing large elliptic swimming usig left hemisphere⇔right-visual field. If weobserve from the front of the tank, as DNA they almost always swim L→R basing probably on therotation and revolution of the earth (Experiment 1).[2] In spite of the innate L→R swimming tendency, zebrafish prefer the visual black invertedtriangle side presented to the circle with the same peripheral length. They avoid circle and go to thetriangle in group following the leader without perceptual learning irrespective of the position(Experiment 1,2,3,4)。[3] In such a way, an inverted triangle and a circle are psychophysiologically quite differentgeometrical configurations.

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