Others 抗体の分子進化(親和性成熟)の研究: 面白い結果は思いがけなく訪れる

大森, 斉

31pp.2 - 3 , 2015-04 , 岡山実験動物研究会
Antibodies are unique proteins in that they improve their affinity for antigens duringantibody responses. This process termed “affinity maturation” is the result of randomhypermutation of immunoglobulin genes in B cells followed by selection of the clones that acquiredhigh-affinity antibodies. However, what mechanisms are responsible for the induction ofhypermutation and the subsequent B cell selection in germinal centers has remained unknown inmany respects. I would like to talk about our long-lasting studies on these immunologicmechanisms focusing on the functional role of follicular dendritic cells


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