Departmental Bulletin Paper ハイブリッドロケットエンジンの気体噴射用インジェクターの流路断面積について
Cross-sectional Area of Oxidizer-gas Injector of Hybrid Rocket Engines
ハイブリッド ロケット エンジン ノ キタイ フンシャヨウ インジェクター ノ リュウロ ダンメンセキ ニツイテ

片野田, 洋

59pp.1 - 4 , 2017-12 , 鹿児島大学
A cross-sectional area of oxidizer-gas injector of a hybrid rocked engines, required no to be choked at the injector, is theoretically calculated. The calculation is based on steady quasi-one-dimensional isentropic flow upstream of the injector exit and chemical equilibrium analysis in a combustion chamber of the hybrid rocked engine. The calculation is conducted for PMMA as fuel and gaseous oxygen as oxidizer. Under the specific conditions of the injector pressure is 0.8MPa, combustion gas pressure is 0.75MPa, design Mach number of the nozzle is 2.0, and the nozzle throat diameter is 11.8mm, each of four injectors must be 4.6mm or more in diameter, in order to avoid choking.

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