Departmental Bulletin Paper ペルー国立障がい者リハビリテーションセンターでの活動報告
The report of activity in Peru National Disability Rehabilitation Center
The report of activity in Peru National Disability Rehabilitation Center
ペルー コクリツ ショウガイシャ リハビリテーション センター デノ カツドウ ホウコク

松田, 史代

27 ( 1 )  , pp.71 - 77 , 2017-03-31 , 鹿児島大学
 昨年に引き続き、独立行政法人国際協力機構JICA短期ボランティア募集「ペルー障がい者スポーツ支援派遣事業」に当大学および他大学の理学療法学専攻の学生と参加し、ペルー共和国の首都リマにある日ペルー友好・国立障害者リハビリテーションセンター(INR)で障がい者スポーツ普及支援活動を行う機会を得た。今回の派遣は、理学療法士1名、作業療法士1名、理学量郷学専攻の学生7名の計9名での派遣であった。昨年の継続課題である「ペルー共和国内の障がい者スポーツ普及支援活動」「INR内での障がい者スポーツ強化」を目的に平成28年8月中旬より約1か月間活動を行った。昨年と活動内容を見直し、今年はこれまでに導入した障がい者スポーツの導入強化、競技性向上、習慣の定着を軸とし、日々のINR内で行われるスポーツ活動時間に参加して支援を行った。There is coming Olympic and Paralympic in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020. It is good opportunity for the physical therapist and student under studying in physical therapy, who is connected with support the sports. In addition, it is also important to how to support them. We were joined as short-term volunteers to support this project [Support of disabled sport project in Peru] by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), were also joined in same project last year. In this time, the members were contained in one physical therapist, one occupational therapist, and seven students under studying in physical therapy. The aim in this study was to report the program of support for a disabled sports project for patients with several departments at the Peru National Disability Rehabilitation Center (INR) for one month. In this project, the task for us were 1) make to the fellowship with the students interned INR and medical staff, 2) take on this project actively, and 3) join a workshop as a support staff. Almost every day, we joined a workshop for para-sports in patients. The staff in INR learned the role and the methods how to go the para-sports for patients as a part of rehabilitation. The final day was a sport event that included participants from two other hospitals in addition to the INR..

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