Departmental Bulletin Paper 接着性修復材料の長期耐久性への検討
Long-term durability of dental adhesive restoration materials
Long-term durability of dental adhesive restoration materials
セッチャクセイ シュウフク ザイリョウ ノ チョウキ タイキュウセイ エノ ケントウ

星加, 知宏

Recently, the composite resin restoration with adhesive material is used for dental treatment frequently, because the studies of caries and the research and development of the adhesive system for tooth have advanced.However, it is reported that the adhesive decline by various factors causes the detachment of the dental restoration, marginal leakage, secondary caries. It is reported that the factor of the adhesive decline is the following: the deterioration of the stress concentration to the resin-dentin interface by the polymerization shrinkage of resin, the pollution with blood or saliva of the arrival at cover side, survival of the caries dentin, the penetration defectiveness to a sound tooth substance of the adhesive material, the survival or elution of non-olymerization monomer, and the deterioration of adhesive material or the tooth substance.At present, the approaches to improve the long-term durability of dental adhesive materials are the following three. The first one is the study of materials of inhibiting MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinases) in dentin: MMPs hydrolyzes the collagen fiber of the adhesion interface part.Second is the study to improve osmosis and polymerizing ability of the monomer to inhibit the flow of the water in the adhesion interface.Final one is the study to blockade the microcavity which occurred in the adhesion interface.This report is the brief explanation of our research: long-term durability of dental adhesive restoration materials.

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