Departmental Bulletin Paper Evaluating structual change in Korea from the perspective of family farm

"LEE, Jaehyeon"

"This paper aims to evaluate the structural changes of family farms in Korea. In an attempt to reach this evaluation, data from the Agricultural Census on production behaviors of family farms was examined by focusing on how they manage to procure input resources and how they run their operations. In addition, several other issues were addresses, such as the family system, the governance of rural communities, industrialization processes, family cycles and the tax system on farmers as a basic transaction enviornment that may affect farmers' management decisions; including the form of business enterprises they undertake. In Korea, farmlands are not owned by particular farmers, nor are they owned over a long period of time through inheritance. There are virtually no communal constraints on the transactions of leased farmlands. Furthermore, even at the present time, Korean farmers have access to a broader labor market far beyond their community boundaries when in need of additional labor or custom farm services. Under these circumstances, new farmers continually enter and exit farming. If there is a mechanism in the replacement of farmers based on the family cycle where the incoming farmers replace the outgoing ones, the conclusion is that, unless appropriate policy measures are implemented, large-scale farmers will not maintain or expand their size further and that small-scale family farmers will continue to be in the majority."

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