Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国の古典的農書の概要と「医・食・農」
"The Introduction of Agricultural Books in Ancient China and ""Medical Treatment, Meal and Agriculture"""
チュウゴク ノ コテンテキ ノウショ ノ ガイヨウ ト 「イ・ ショク・ ノウ」

"樊., 帆  ,  黄., 月盈  ,  秋山, 邦裕"

"Recently, with the increase of lifestyle-related diseases, there has been great concern surrounding the improvement of the eating habits of the Japanese people in order to keep them healthy. With regards to these concerns, this paper takes a look at two ideas originating from ancient China that are attracting a great deal of attention. The philosophy behind ""Dietetics"" and ""Yisyokudogen"" (the notion that some medical treatments and meals share the same sources). Moreover, because of food safety concerns, agricultural practices need to be carefully considered. The beliefs underpinning ""Yisyokudogen"" have been widely accepted. The objective of this research is to introduce and evaluate the contents of classic Chinese agricultural books."

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