Departmental Bulletin Paper ニガウリ可食部におけるアスコルビン酸含有率の品種・系統間差異
Varietal Differences in Ascorbic Acid Concentrations in the Edible Portion of Balsam Pears (Momordica charantia L.)
ニガウリ カショクブ ニオケル アスコルビンサン ガンユウリツ ノ ヒンシュ・ ケイトウカン サイ

赤木, 功  ,  井野, 寿俊

The variations i ascorbic acid (AsA) concentration in a number of cultivars (including lines) of balsam pears (Momordica charantia L.) were investigated. Twenty-five cultivars were cultivated under forcing and open cultures. The AsA concentration in the edible portion of balsam pears cultivated in open and forcing culture ranged from 0.495 gkg^-1 (based on fresh weight; FW) to 1.86 gkg^-1 FW and 0.422 gkg^-1 FW to 1.55 gkg^-1 FW, respectively. There were differences in the AsA concentrations among the cultivars. The 'Miyazaki-koimidori', 'PL-6' and 'NT-PL-1' which originated from the native species in Miyazaki district, had a higher AsA concentration than the other cultivars. This indicated that these particular cultivars may be useful as a genetic resource for offering high-AsA balsam pears.

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