Departmental Bulletin Paper In situ tissue engineering approarch を応用した歯周組織再生療法の試み
Challenges for periodontal regenerative therapy using an in situ tissue engineering approach
In situ tissue engineering approarch オ オウヨウ シタ シシュウ ソシキ サイセイ リョウホウ ノ ココロミ

白方, 良典

36pp.41 - 57 , 鹿児島大学
"Periodontitis is a globally prevalent inflammatory disease that causes the destruction of the tooth-supporting periodontal tissue (i.e. gingiva, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and root cementum). In the past 4 decades, a variety of procedures, including bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, the use of enamel matrix derivative and growth factors (GFs), either alone or in combination, have been performed to accomplish periodontal regeneration. More recently, tissue engineering technologies using scaffolds, GFs and cells have been developed in regenerative medicine. However, all current approaches have been shown to have variable outcomes and limitations. To obtain favorable periodontal healing, there is an ongoing needto develop more reasonable therapeutics based on self-repair capacity in injured periodontal defects where the progenitor/stem cells from neighboring tissues can be recruited for in situ periodontal regeneration. In this review, the emerging various challenges for periodontal regenerative therapy using an “in situ tissue engineering approach” that avoid the ex vivo culture of cells are addressed for future clinical management of periodontal intrabony defects."

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