Departmental Bulletin Paper 総説 : 口腔ケアUp to date
"Review of Oral care, Up to date"
ソウセツ : コウコウ ケア Up to date

上川, 善昭

36pp.35 - 40 , 鹿児島大学
When the report that oral care decreased the risk of developing pneumonia (Yoneyama 1999), oral care was regarded as an important tool in perioperative period. So, in the early stages, nurse play leading role in oral care and tend to look only oral cleanliness, dentures were not required. As eating by mouth is important and be able to cure a disease, denture is necessary in perioperative period. To take particular note of candida is needed the reasons why that denture base materials have a relationship with candida species.  The key point of oral care, especially with oral candidiasis, is presented in this review.

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