Departmental Bulletin Paper 連続切片の in situ ハイブリダイゼーションを利用した遺伝子発現の3次元再構築法
レンゾク セッペン ノ in situ ハイブリダイゼーション オ リヨウシタ イデンシ ハツゲン ノ 3ジゲン サイコウチクホウ

山中, 淳之  ,  岩井, 治樹  ,  倉本, 恵梨子  ,  後藤, 哲哉

35pp.87 - 92 , 鹿児島大学
"Identifying the cells expressing a specific gene in adult or developing tissues is the most basic step in the field of histochemistry and developmental biology. This article presents a sophisticated method of visualizing three-dimensional (3-D) gene expression patterns in organs or tissues with high precision. In this method, 3-D gene expression data are reconstructed on a computer from serial histological sections after in situ hybridization is performed. As an application of this method, we reconstructed 3-D gene expression patterns in the developing tooth, which is an organ with complex morphology, such as a number of cusps on the tooth crown. This method showed several advantages over the usual procedures, enabling us to extract any tissue structures and compare them with 3-D expression patterns of specific genes. In addition, it enabled us to reconstruct 3-D complex tissue morphology and gene expression patterns of the developing tooth in great detail and examine their spatial relationship with accuracy. Thus, the present method will be applicable to various organs and tissues, and can offer more precise and useful information about gene expression patterns in the field."

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