Departmental Bulletin Paper 小児の摂食嚥下リハビリテーション
"Dysphagia rehabilitation for infant, child and adolescence"
ショウニ ノ セッショク エンゲ リハビリテーション

佐藤, 秀夫

35pp.77 - 86 , 鹿児島大学
"Eating function is acquired with integration of various and repeated sensor-motor experiences (e.g. sum-sucking, biting hobby) from unborn stage till 3 years old. This function is classified into eight stages from the acquired swallowing stage to the acquired eating with tool stage. Generally, there is complementary relationship between development of eating function and growth of body. Hence development of eating function is linked with development of gross-motor and micro-actuation of hand. In opposition, eating disorder often occur if a baby has sickness or disorder congenitally, or born as immature state because lack of sensor-motor experiences inhibit with development of eating function. Therefore, beginning of dysphagia rehabilitation for infants is recommended under 1 years old. Dysphagia rehabilitation clinic for infants, children and adolescences has been opened in department of pediatric dentistry of Kagoshima–university hospital from 2010. For 3 years, 117 children visited the clinic. Almost 40 percent of all the patients have been introduced by medical doctors. This fact indicates that the needs and demands for the dysphagia rehabilitation by dentist are very high."

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